Hurricane Florence Flood explained with graphics

We often watch news of disasters but rarely realise the size of their impact. The shots we see often displays the event from distance or safe places that do not really reflect the occurring danger. And because we never picture ourselves in that scene, we are unable to measure the displayed danger in real size. Watch this short demonstration of the Florence Hurricane and the flood it has caused. Edit: “You can see there’s fish floating around here. This is an extremely dangerous and life threatening situation.” – 01:17

21st Century Hackers

21st Century Hackers

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Internet Scammers in the UK

Britain is under siege from scammers who are using technology to rob us blind. They might not use a crowbar or wear a balaclava to break into our homes or steal our lives, but scamming is the \”new\” burglary and it is out of control. Increasingly crime in the UK involves some form of cyber criminal and the Government is secretly putting millions of pounds into new specialist cyber cop units to identify, and catch, these 21st century crooks. Scamming now costs the UK economy at least £27 billion a…